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Minutes October 27, 2015


Minutes October 27, 2015


Present:  ; E. Cazipanta, Counselor; M. Coley, AP; A. Garcia, Parent; A. DeLaO, Parent; Leticia Dominquez, Parent;  E. Donlucas, Magnet Coord.; R., Marquez-Martinez, Principal; J. Nelson, Teacher; S. Narvaez, Teacher; T. Rech, SPED Teacher; C. Mick, Teacher; M. Reyes, Parent; BAR Seidman, Teacher; M. Whalen, UTLA Chapter Chair.


Meeting Started at: 3:15 p.m.   Quorum


  1. Alternate:  Seidman is the Alternate for Ms. Johnson who is out on maternity leave.


  1. Minutes:

The date, Thursday, June 9th need to be added on to the minutes when discussing finals.Minutes: Voted on and approved.(Sorry didn’t get who made the motion or seconded)


  1. Minimum Days

     No minimum days are available due to the allotted instructional minutes and having PD  

     every Tuesday.  


4.  Parent Conference/Open House

     Open House is March 2nd.  It is open to parents and community members.  Tours will cover

     Magnet, Residential, and Dual Language schools.  Parents & Community members will meet

     in the auditorium, have a tour, and return to the auditorium.  This events needs to be promoted  

     and advertised through our students, parent center, and any other means of communication.

     Open House is an opportunity to show off Franklin High and can be used as a recruitment

     tool.  The goal is to have at least 100 people attend. 


     Parent Student Led Conference is March 31st from 5-7 p.m.

     Training for SL Conferences

  • At least one refresher PD especially for New Hires is being requested.  Training is request around January –Mid February.
  • The NBC Teachers have meetings with the new hires.  Ms. Marquez-Martinez will speak to Ms. Williams to help those teachers.
  • Supplies will be needed such as crates, file folders, forms etc. Ms. Marquez-Martinez requested an SDM member to volunteer to help with the supplies.  Ms. Narvaez informed SDM that Title 1 person usually does this task.  Ms. Marquez-Martinez reminded SDM members that everyone needs to help out and participate when working with this type of task and shouldn’t be just one person.  Ms. Whalen stated that she will work with Mr. Alvarez to figure out the teacher needs after the PD.
  • The issue came up why do teachers need to be responsible for student work. There was discussion for and against. There are many procedures that teachers can initiate, so students can collect and be responsible for their own work.  Lastly, Parents are able to go home with work that students have completed throughout the semester. 


5.  Calendar Final Schedule

  • Seniors schedule will be May 31st, June 1st & June 2nd.  Senior Teachers will choose when to give the final during these dates. 
  • Finals for the rest of the school will be Tuesday, June 7th for period 1 and 2; Wednesday, June 8th for period 3 & 4, Thursday, June 9th for 5th and 6th and Friday, June 10th will be regular schedule.  Tuesday will maintain the PD schedule but will be reflective of finals. Ms. Donlucas has the Final schedule from last year.  It was requested that teachers are reminded to keep students in class during finals and during dead days.  

Ms. Marquez-Martinez motioned to accept the Final Schedule, Ms. Nelson seconded.  Passed Unanimously


6.  Stop Week

  • Will occur December 7th to December 18th
  • Will occur May 30th to June 10th
  • During Stop Week, there are to be no activities which take students out of class such as:  assemblies, field trips, etc.

Ms. Seidman made the motion to accept the Stop Week dates.  Ms. Narvaez and Ms. Rech seconded.  Passed Unanimously.

7.  Fail Rate

  • 647 students are failing with a D or F
  • Algebra 1 – Residential 53% are failing

Magnet 49% are failing

  • Residential Fail rates in English 40%; Biology 72%; ADV ELD 34%; PE 19%
  • Grades are one area; Per Ms. Marquez-Martinez, Teachers can stop if half the class is not understanding, reteach and work to bring everyone up to the mark. 
  • Counselors and teachers work with School Loop to provide an avenue to parents.
  • Notifying and talking to parents; teachers and counselors need to ensure parents are made aware of student’s progress.  A parent school connection is needed.  (By the way, this connection is also a recommendation from WASC – parent involvement)
  • Teachers working towards not having as many fails.  Looking and change the curriculum to meet the standards. 
  • Ideas such as Motivate/Rewards
    • An assembly to showcase the students who have improved in grades or are making the grade
  • Mastery based grades
    • Conversations with Teachers
    • Investigating best practices for teaching and grading

 Discussion Tabled for next meeting.


Agenda Items for Next Meeting:

  1.  Fail Rates:  Bring Suggestions and Ideas what is needed for Student Achievement.  Short term and Long Term goals
  2. PD Every Tuesday the Pros and Cons
  3. School Loop
  4. Blackboard Connect


Next meeting is Tuesday, November 10th at 3 p.m. in the Principal’s Conference Room

Respectfully submitted by BA Rory Seidman